The perfect tool to personalize our skin care products and regime for you

We perform a DNA test to measure telomere length.

We have developed different skin care products and different regimes to use them. According to the result, we can personalize our products to your own and unique DNA.

Added value of our  telomere length DNA test

  • Very simple, we use only a saliva sample, no blood needed
  • Very fast, you have your results in a week or less after we receive your sample
  • We provide you with all you need to take the sample yourself, also with the courier/transport company to bring your sample to our lab
  • We destroy your DNA sample once the test is done, so total privacy is guaranteed
  • You only need to do this test ONCE for us to adapt our products to your needs


Anybody, any time

Right before a skin care treatment

Just once, right before treatment

More important after 45 years of age

How is it done?

We send you our saliva sample collection kit with a buccal swab and a sterile plastic tube. You fill out the consent and info forms, take the sample yourself (very easy, 30 seconds needed), place it in the tube, call our courier/transport company (paid by us) and send it to us. In up to one week, you will have a report by email with your results, skin care products specifically recommended to you and regime of use too.

This DNA test does NOT detect any possible disease, it is only used as a tool to improve your skin care treatment.

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