Our Company is the result of more than 20 years of research in aging by scientists in Europe, The United States of America and Asia.

Our Project

20 years of research in aging by scientists in Europe, The United States of America and Asia.

Our Philosophy

We reinvest 100% of the profits from sales of skincare treatments in R&D in rare diseases in children

New Technologies

Give yourself the best everyday skincare treatment possible – give yourself Insolitus with 2GL Peptides




Academic Studies
  • Bachelor degree en Biology, Univ. of Seville 1992
  • Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Suma Cum Laude, Honors in Doctorate and Honors from the Univ. of Seville for Best Biomedical Thesis, 1997
  • Masters in Strategic Relationships, New York Univ., New York 1998
  • Masters in Biotechnology, Columbia Univ., New York 1999
  • Masters in HHRR and Corporate Strategy,  Harvard University & Georgetown Univ. A New Investment Model for US Biotechnology Firms to Expand Into the Growing European Market. 1999
  • Executive MBA de IESE & Univ. de NAVARRA (2009)Masters in Innovation (2011) EOI

Spoken Languages

  • Spanish – Native Speaker
  • English – Bilingual
  • French – Intermediate
Work Experience
    • Executive Director, Technical Director, Director of R&D and Director of Business Development in different  Biotechnology companies in the U.S.A, France and Spain. Companies of 10 – 50 employees and with annual profit of $5 – $175 million.Created 9 companies in the U.S.A, France and Spain. 1 Consultancy Agency and 8 biotechnology companies which are based on generating new molecules with pharmaceutical potencial.Development and management of different R&D channels.Prepare and present patents. License negotiation with civil offices (U.S.A. and Spain)Create and Manage International R&D projects in the U.S.A. and Europe.Negotiate and Coordinate external contracts (Hospital Gregorio Marañón, Karolinska Institute, Great Ormond Street Hospital of London, CSIC, Univ. Navarra, etc)Find national and international funding, venture capital, private equity, etc.Create companies in Spain. R&D project implementation, manage R&D budgets of 0.2 to 15m €, management of teams of personnel, etc.European Project Evaluator for Biotechnology, in the VI and VII Frame Programs.Production of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry, flow control, assets, personnel, etc.GMPs, GLPs, standardization of industrial production batches.

      Quality Control for Farmacopea (Spanish, North American and European).

      Pharmacology and Toxicology of active ingredients

      Control of production costs.

      Petitioning of grants, ICO, NEOTEC, MICINN, IP, STREP, PROFIT, etc.

      Advisor: In various biotechnology companies, including Agrenvec (Spain); MoloGen (Germany); and Osiris Therapeutics (USA); independent in M&A for the multinational company Sigma Aldrich (USA).

      Since 1998 to the present, external assessor for the Intramural Assessment Group in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry. This is a commission of a US Congress which is in charge of potentiating the creation of biotechnological projects in the U.S.A.  They work by coordinating with state and federal governments and, among other things, evaluate the creation of technology parks, business consortiums, federal projects, etc. The group of external assessors consists of 110 people from different nations.

      International Projects: Development of orphan dugs, anti-tumor, for the immune system, allergy, diagnostic kits, markers, massive sequencing of genomes, etc.

01/2010 – present

Advanced Medical Projects / CEO

Biotechnology Company based in Madrid, Guadalajara and New York, which is dedicated to the development of new drugs for the treatment of rare deseases, directed towards the market niches of accelerated aging (progeria, dyskeratosis congenita, aplastic anemia, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, X- Adrenoleukodystrophy, etc.)

We address a market of $7,100M, without concrete competitor drugs developed to date.

Results: a capitalized company, contracts signed with Genentech/Roche, Univ. of California and CSIC for these developments, clinical trials and future commercialization of drugs. Orphan drug status for GESTELMIR, it´s first drug.

06/2011 – hoy

Beacon Biomedicine SL /Director de I+D, Consejero

Nano medicine company dedicated to the generation of new mechanisms for drug delivery and diagnostics for cancer and medular diseases. Based in Madrid, they have agreements with CSIC, the Univ. of Seville, the Univ. of Harvard and the Univ. of California for the development of new products.

Results: Startup in nano medicine with the following portfolio.


03/2006 – 12/2010

Agrenvec SL / Director Ejecutivo / Consejero

Agrenvec SL is a biotechnology company dedicated to the production of recombinant proteins in plants that are not genetically modified. To do this they use a technological platform based on DNA vectors. Currently the company os focused on the production of proteins for R&D and for human diagnostics, with an annual global market of $2.5M, plus the HRP and other proteins used in the chemical industry, of which there is a market of $2M annually. Part of the diagnostic systems are based on the generation of a new technological platform generated via nano structures used for the delivery of colorants and markers; actually the projects is entered on cancer. Finally, Agrenvec is embarking on the development of new therapeutic  proteins for the human cancer market, concretely they are developing metastasized inhibitory proteins and angiogenesis, with the goal of reducing the size of timers and impede their spreading, by doing this, results are incremented in real treatments.

Results: Licenses of diverse nanostructure patents, molecules with pharmaceutical potential and new diagnostic systems. With an annual loss of 2M€, billing volume in 2010 was approximately 2.9m€, for 2011 it could reach 4 million Euros and up to 2015 stable sales for R&D and diagnostics in turn of 8-12 million Euros annually.

We have generated the new molecule AGV212 with the potential that it can prevent cancer (similar to RESVERATROL regarding activity). We are generating molecules with bio-cosmetic potential as well.



Results: A new immunotherapy to combat allergies caused by olive tree pollen. At the moment they are developing pilot tests with humans. New uses of nanoencapsidation based on inert sugars and in olive oil.

06/2004 – 12/2005 

AllerGenome / AlerPharma, Director of Business Development, Production Coordinator, Consultant

Allergenome is a spinoff of CSIC, of which Advanced Medical Projects holds 50%. It´s activity is centered around the development of immunotherapy for treatment of allergies cased by polen from olive trees. The objective is to use genomic information from the olive tree to design an individualised therapy for each patient. The market potential is 575 million Euros in the Mediterranean Basin.

My work for this company was twofold.

R&D: On one side to create it, contact personnel, sign agreements with CSIC, obtain patents, negotiate licenses, design R&D projects. On top of that, direct the production of the active ingredients such as recombinant proteins and peptides, encapsulate them in liposomes, perform pharmacologic studies of ADME, toxicology studies, etc.

Secondly, I was responsible for Quality Control for the recombinant proxies that were produced as well as the batches of allergens and immunotherapy vaccines, control of aluminium levels, phenols, etc. At the same time, the standardization of the potency of distinct batches, fulfillment of GMP´s, GLP´s, pharmacopoeia, etc.

Results: A new immunotherapy to combat allergies caused by olive tree pollen. At the moment they are developing pilot tests with humans. New uses of nanoencapsidation based on inert sugars and in olive oil.

11/2002 – 12/2005

Applied Molecular Development / AlerPharma, Director de I&D / Consejero

Applied Molecular Development is a company focused on the development of new molecules with therapeutic potential in human allergies and in autoimmune illnesses in humans.

R&D: In allergies, they are developing recombinant allergens, via genetic engineering, in those where the epitopes united with IgE are eliminated, respecting those united with IgG. With this, secondary effects are eliminated and the therapeutic properties are potentiated. These recombinant molecules include punctual mutants, deletions and trimers.

Furthermore, they are developing batteries of antibodies, by Phage Display, for is use in molecular diagnostics in allergies and for future development of diagnostic biochips.

The global market in allergies was around 40 million dollars in 2005, with the expectation of reaching up to 65 million dollars by 2015. Applied Molecular Development could optimally capture 1.5% – 2% of it.

Results: Collections of mutant allergens with therapeutic potential. Various Fabs against allergens for diagnostics. A-ToxBodies or recombinant constructions by genetic engineering, that combine auto antigens with vegetable toxins that only function in the cytoplasm. In this way ,they wait to attack, in patients with multiple sclerosis, the cells in their system responsable for their degeneration. This molecules are in the development phase.

The world market calculates to reach 3.7 million dollars in 2010.

My work on both projects implicated:

  1. Management of personnel
  2. Project creation
  3. Management of budgets
  4. Production of active ingredients
  5. Standardization of batches
  6. Validation of norms from raw FDA and EMA
  7. GMP´s and GLP´s
  8. Quality control
  9. Design and implementation of R&D lines
  10. Management of personnel, internal and comanagement of CSIC (EEZ, Granada)
  11. Presentation of patents
  12. Licensing of patents of CSIC
01/2001 – 07/2002

NeuroPharma, Zeltia, Director Técnico

Neuropharma is a company in the Zeltia Group, it´s dedicated to the development of new molecules pr the diagnosis and treatment or neurodegenerative illnesses, particularly Alzheimer. Among others, the white molecules for pharmacological development were captured by GSK and acetil colinesterase.


  1. Acquisition and remodeling the building
  2. creation of the labs
  3. Implementation of GMP´s and GLP´s
  4. Validation of norms from raw FDA and EMA
  5. Purchase equipment and material
  6. Design and implementation of R&D lines
  7. Design of screening system for active marine ingredients
  8. Contracting personnel
  9. Managing contracts with CSIS
  10. Soliciting patents and managing licenses

The human team directed by me consisted of 25 people, with a budget of 15 million Euros (plus over 4 million Euros invested in the building)

Quality Control: Strictly following the GLP norms for development and the GMP for manufacturing, implementation of of internal processes for standardization and control of synthesized active ingredients, standardization of batches of synthetic molecules, standardization of batches of antibodies and recombinant proteins pr diagnostics, following the norms of Farmacopea, FDA, EMA, etc. Purchasing of distinct materials, management of teams, implantation and validation of facilities, etc.

Results: Various patents, including one for a transgenic rat model of Alzheimer, codeveloped with CVSIC. Various artificial enzyme inhibitor compounds of enzymes implicated in neurodegeneration and varios agonists of the cholinergic receptor.

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