We reinvest 100% of sales from sales ...

... in research in rare and ultra rare diseases in children


We use patented bioactive peptides

We use patented bioactive peptides their effects have been published in medical journals such as PLOS ONE, the competition uses products which are undifferentiated and/or are not innovative. these publications are ours and from independent investigation groups which corroborate our data and results. Concretely, that our peptides ARE NOT USED BY ANOTHER BRAND BECAUSE WE DON´T GIVE THEM THE RIGHTS TO.

We use ACTIVE and COMPLETE growth factors

We use ACTIVE and COMPLETE growth factors, the competition uses
bits (because it is cheaper to produce them in this was as opposed to complete ones) and for this reason they are NOT really active.

We use a patented delivery system called OREUM

We use a patented delivery system called OREUM which consists of PLGA active spheres that penetrate the skin to the DERMIS and deliver 1 to 200 active principles. The rest of the competition does NOT use this system and for this reason their active principles DON´T penetrate the external layers of the skin and don´t reach the stem cells of the skin where they should perform/work/take action.

We certify the ACTIVE UNITS in each of the products we sell

We certify the ACTIVE INGREDIENTS in each product sold, meaning, we use the most rigorous quality control measures in order to guarantee that the active principles that we add ARE ACTIVE and on top of this WE CERTIFY THE DEGREE OF IT´S ACTIVITY.

We include internal quality control as a part of our job

We include internal quality control as part of our job in cell cultures FOR EACH BATCH PROUCED FOR EACH PRODUCT. This guarantees is activity.

We include physico-chemical quality controls

We include physics.chemical quality controls such as sequencing the extremes of the peptides and growth factors and DS-PAGE gels with density band measures. This guarantees that the peptides and growth factors that we add are COMPLETE, NOT DEGRADED, INTEGRATED AND AT 100% CONCENTRATION.

We purify our peptides and growth factors

We purify our peptides and growth factors by HPLC at 99% purity. HPLC is the technology used in the purification system used that, for example, drugs that are injected intravenously undergo in order to guarantee maximum purity.

We add the maximum concentrations of hyaluronic, collagen, etc.

We add the maximum concentrations of hyaluronic, collagen, etc. possible based on the formulation of each product, this amount could be between 500 and 50,000 times MORE THAN THE QUANTITIES USED BY THE COMPETITION.

We use raw material providers CERTIFIED by European Agencies or by the FDA

We use raw material providers CERTIFIED by European agencies or the FDA, never Asian providers that are not certified, this guarantees the maximum quality of our products.

Get to know us and who Faciem Meam is

Why Faciem Meam?

 Faciem Meam is the result of more than 20 years of research in skin senesce by scientists in Europe, The United States and Asia. It was set up by the pharmaceutical company Advanced Medical Projects. The entrepreneurial scientists who created Advanced Medical Projects are completely dedicated to researching rare and ultra rare diseases in children. The objective is to design new drugs to fight these paediatric pathologies caused by premature ageing. These children age so quickly that at the ages of 12 to 16 their skin and organs, such as bone marrow or their lungs have a cellular age of 80 to 100 years.


We reinvest 100% of sales from sales in research in rare and ultra rare diseases in children.

Our objective is not to become rich but rather to build a company that can honestly fight ageing in general and against rare and ultra rare paediatric diseases in particular. For this reason we invest 100% of sales profits in R&D in order to design new drugs. By doing this today we can say that in less than two years we will be able to start phase 1 of clinical trials for Dyskeratosis Congenita and next with Werner, Ataxia Telangiectasia, Muscular Dystrophies, specific Progerias, etc. We think that fighting against the normal ageing process, via the production of the best scientifically designed cosmetics, is the most magnificent tool to use to fight these types of diseases.

Our Promise

We see these ill children and these diseases progress and eventually take their lives and nothing can be done to prevent it from happening. We have seen their parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents and friends suffer at their sides, helpless. For us it was too hard to simply look the other way and do nothing so we decided to fully commit ourselves, even about to remortgage our house in order to launch this project, because no bank would give us a loan or showed interest in financing what we believe to be a beautiful project

Our Promise

Our Brand

Given that the diseases that are being addressed by Advanced Medical Projects are rare or ultra rare, large Pharma companies are not interested or make little effort to do research and find a cure. When we were running out of money for your research and the was a resounding NO from all the banks, private investors, venture capital, etc, we saw our future very clear: we would generate and take to market the best anti ageing skin treatment ever made, Plus sell it at a price the vast majority coups afford. We have not only accumulated a vast knowledge about human ageing (natural and pathological) but we have also generated a lot of new molecules which are able to fight it. All of this knowledge has been crystallized in our brand Insolitus Skincare. A line where we have generated new and extremely efficient skin treatments  which contain the best ingredients and bioactive molecules for skin care which maximize the effect of slowing down the passage of time.

Our promise…. Your enormous value

So when you purchase our cosmetics, you have in your hands a product that has been thought about and scientifically studied for years, patented worldwide, completely designed from the purest components to the standardization of each batch. You have in your hands absolute and innovative molecules that you will not find in any other product on the market because they are patted by us and we do not sell or transfer the rights of our patents to anyone. You also hold in your hands a dream, the dream of creating a better world, the deep conviction that this is possible and worthwhile. We work every day for a better life, a cleaner world, one that is free of children suffering from these terrible diseases, one where these children have a fair chance of living and being happy. We are big dreamers at Faciem Meam, and we plan to continue being so.


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